What is 12Rising?

The idea for 12Rising came when I was about to teaching a class on the Rising Signs and ran into a brick wall when trying to find celebrity examples. The morer I dug the more I discovered that  the most popular sites were  so wrong that over 93 % of the birth data was inaccurate.  The worst part of the adventure was that  people believed the resource without question.  So with the help of astrologer John Joseph, we began compiling provable birth information, with the help of astrologer, Joan Roddin's AstroData Bank. 

Once we decided the level of accuracy that was mandatory, we worked on a way for you to search for astrological combinations. Imagine looking to see if anyone has your Sun, Moon or Rising!   Or say you wanted to see who else has Venus in Gemini! 

It's fun and useful - Just what we think a website should be! 

Hope you'll enjoy the effort!